Rivelli Alimentos S/A is a leading and trusted wholesale food distributor specializing in supplying frozen chicken, seafood, turkey, duck, pork, etc. We always supply the best quality frozen chicken and meat products at competitive rates. We supply our products to mainland China, Europe, Africa, Asia, South/North American, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Middle East, Ireland, and more.

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When it comes to the highest standard of food, Rivelli Alimentos S/A offers the best quality frozen chicken and meat products. We aim to provide healthy frozen chicken and meat that assure both taste and health. Our chickens are completely free from hormones and antibiotics. We never add any artificial colors or preservatives to the frozen meat. At our online shop, you will get a premium quality, natural, and tasty chicken, including frozen turkey, chicken, duck and more.

  • We offer a full range of frozen chicken and meat products
  • We are offering the best quality of frozen pork and meat.
  • And we supply 100% grain-fed pork.
  • Also we never add hormones and antibiotics