Rivelli Alimentos S/A is an online shopping platform where you can find Grade-A quality frozen meat. We offer quality guaranteed frozen duck, frozen chicken, frozen pork, frozen turkey, frozen seafood, and frozen beef meat at the best price.
The products we provide are free-roaming chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc. We feed these on a highly-nutritious vegetarian diet. We handle them humanely.
The frozen chicken products we provide include chicken thighs, chicken legs, chicken breasts, chicken drumsticks, chicken feet, chicken gizzards, chicken leg quarters, and more.
No! We do not inject hormones or antibiotics into our poultry products.
We do not add artificial colors or preservatives to the frozen meat products we provide. Our products assure 100% nutrition and safety.
We offer the highest quality frozen turkey parts that include whole turkey, turkey livers, turkey breasts, turkey drumsticks, turkey livers, turkey tails, turkey thighs, turkey wing, turkey necks, etc.
Our frozen meat products are approved and certified from reputable meat plants. They meet the highest standards set by the recognized food and drug agency.
You can find a wide range of frozen seafood in our online shop. Our products include blue crab, fresh shrimp, black tiger shrimp, snow crab, and more.
Our customers are buyers and importers from various food sectors, including wholesale suppliers, hotels, restaurants, foodservice distributors, and more.